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Flying: Beyond A to B
Aspen Institute • June 20-22 • Aspen, Colorado

Zero-G Flight for Flight School participants

We have arranged with Zero-G for a special charter flight for workshop participants, right after school gets out on Friday afternoon. If you are interested in joining us, please read below. We hope it is a model of clarity and disclosure, if not of marketing.

This is a special charter flight, since Zero-G now sells retail exclusively through Sharper Image. Therefore, I have purchased the whole flight, which will comprise primarily Flight School participants and friends, and cannot give any refunds. Substitutions will be allowed at the discretion of Flight School and Zero-G together.

We encourage you to join us, with family (12 or older, please) or companions. The trip should be a great way to bond with your colleagues ... and to reinforce the Flight School message:

It's all about the experience!

You can find out more about Zero-G and the Zero-G experience here.

Oh, yes, it costs $3500. Payments by check only. Please make your check payable to Esther Dyson Ventures Inc., and send it -- along with these PDF forms filled out -- to:

Esther Dyson c/o Meetup
632 Broadway, 10th floor
New York, NY 10012

Any questions? Please write to edyson@boxbe.com.