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Snow gets in your tires

They asked me how I knew my black bike was true,
I of course replied, something here inside cannot be denied.
They said someday you’ll find all who ride are blind,
When your legs’re on fire, you must realize,
Snow gets in your tires.
So I chaffed and then I gaily laughed,
To think that they could […]

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How to get around Star City – and outside of it? It’s actually quite a large place, and I haven’t seen most of it. There is one main gate, as far as I know, that sits about 200 meters from the “elektrickhka,” an electric suburban train that goes into Moscow. You can also […]

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Most New Year’s resolutions *begin* on New Year’s Day, but there’s no real completion date, and the resolutions are usually vague. I prefer to make my resolutions about what I will accomplish *before* New Year’s, even though some years I have to stretch it to December 32 or even later.

This year, my resolution […]

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