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A Selection of Esther Dyson's Articles
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  • Aenne Burda Award Bestowed on Esther Dyson (January 25, 2009 ) "The award is presented to women in the media who successfully implement their extraordinary visions."
  • Fliight School: Weightless at last! (January 21, 2009) "Being weightless is tremendous fun. You really are flying. The amazing thing is that it does not feel amazing. It feels natural."
  • The Quantification of Everything (September 17, 2008) - As we drown in information, we try to make sense of it. Just as economists measure us en masse, we can now measure ourselves one by one ... and it is insidiously fascinating.
  • The Coming Ad Revolution (February 11, 2008) - my op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal.

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  • Bits, Bands and Books (June 6, 2008) - Paul Krugman op-ed in The New York Times.
    “The predictions of '90s technology gurus are coming true more slowly than enthusiasts expected — but the future they envisioned is still on the march. In 1994, one of those gurus, Esther Dyson, made a striking prediction: that the ease with which digital content can be copied and disseminated would eventually force businesses to sell the results of creative activity cheaply, or even give it away.”

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